Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ireland is going bankrupt

Republic of Ireland is going bankrupt. Ireland who is one wealthest nations in the world and the second in the europeon union behind Germany has fallen hard in times. Unlike Greece,Ireland boost a high Gpo that means a high stanard of living of 20000 pounds thats 40000 dollars.Why has a modern country fallen hard recently well during the beganning stages of the recession Ireland nationized all the banks taking up all thier debt well today thoso banks aint going that good and if they dont do they good the entire country can fall. This problen isnt just europes its global. Stocks are fallen and people are worry in investing in Ireland goods this problem can lead to a another global meltdown but like Greece the Europeon Union will bail them out.

U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Resolution In Support Of 2022 World Cup Bid

USA chances of hosting the tournment in 2022 just got better. America's House of Representatives pass a resolution which means that the America government has pledge that if the tournment goes to america the government will help to stage it.This comes after a day were Fifa the worlds soccer body say that the USA bid was a risk because they fear they wouldn't be government supprted.Now that they fear is gone America's bid now looks like a likely host.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Presidencies 1-44

The United States has had 44 presidents in the course of its 200 year old history. The first President was the winning general of the Revolutionary war George Washington. George Washington at first did not want the position of power but eventually accept it. His presidency today is view as a success he ensured that the country wouldn't fall apart.His notable achievements include created a national bank that help America pay off the debt , established the united states navy and the United States mint. He served for 2 terms of presidency that will continue a tradition that all presidents only do 2 terms. Today George Washington is view as one of the greatest presidents.

Monday, November 15, 2010

World Cup 2018/2022

With the success of the 2010 World cup in south africa. Now South Africa posted multiple high profits for the duration of the tournment. With the 2014 going to Brazil of south america. The possibility of hosting the most watch, most money making sporting event in the world have countries in Europe, Asia and the North America all in contention to host. The winner of course will receive endless publicity. Publicity that cant be bought. If the United States gets the right to host the event again which i hope we do. America can have a mighty economic push in every district we have like transportion, hotel business, and many more.So Go USA Bid

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Days

Yesterday was Veterans day and a shout all to all troops stationed on Afghanistan and some still in Iraq. Even though the wars are unpopluar however the true is the troops are fighting to keep america safe. and also thanks to all veterans who have fought in any war thank you. Thank you world war 2 ,korea war , vietham war , gulf war veterans.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missile in LA

On monday nov 8 2010 on sunset a local newspaper reporter caught on video what look like a missile or rocket launch. This spark a National circus leaving the mitlary and the government scrambling for what had happen for a while people thought we were attack but it quickly it was dimass.the FEA ruled that no high moving obgects show up in radar. Leaving the question what was it. In my opinion i seen this before it was a illuision by the camera showing a airplane heading to the cameras direction and it look that it was going away well in actually it was just getting higher and higher into the air

Monday, November 8, 2010

Second Bill of rights

On January 11 1944 fourth term President FDR issued his State of the Union address that it was time to have a second bill of rights. In his second Bill of rights he proposed that all american be given free health care,free education and many more. At the time president FDR was sick and his staff knew he didn't have much left and they were right only a couple a months later he died. He's plan on a new bill of rights was never made and not even proposed in Congress. Who would know only 60 years later we be fighting to get health care or a good education. if only it had pass, todays america will be lot Better.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California's 34 district Results

Lucille Royball will hold office for another two years after beating Wayne Miller. Why am i reporting this well Lucille Royball is our district representative from boyle heights. Yes people we have a representative those who live in boyle heights of course. I never knew that we had a representative. and in mine opionin what has she done to improve our area. Nothing i guess i have also notice that i have never seen her in public events in the area she supposely lives in and it feels likes she dosen't live here. I not saying she not a bad representative but when shes not involved in our district.


Well another election has come and gone the next one will happen in 2012 . That election will tell if Obama will be a two term president which i believed he will. However thats over two years away. I want to talk about  what happen today well predictions were right the House went to the republicans well the Senate remain in democrat control. Well the results were not upsetting, the big names won like Reed,McCain and Boxer. With these results Congress might be heading to gridlock where nothing can be done. With a Republican control House and a Democratic control Senate all signs point out that for the next two years Gridlock will happen. Unless compromise is used something i doubt the republicans and democrats will work together.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tardy Sweeps has shown it does not make a Difference

Recently in Roosevelt high school they're issuing tardy sweeps which i find repulsing. Why do you say? well it has shown before a couple a years ago that a school tardy sweep does not work.It didn't work then, it will not now. Yes, having seven schools maybe, they can crack down on the 600 students that supposedly come late but isn't a tardy sweep more of a waste of time? The school complains about how much we come late already. imagine now we come late or not even showing up to class. History in Roosevelt has shown tardy sweeps is not the answer and it will never be.

Rally to restore sanity and/or fear

On 10/30/10 Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert hosted a rally called Rally to restore sanity and/or fear. I myself a fan of both host shows wish to attend this rally however i had no ride or money to get there. I like the rest of 100,000 people that did go wanted to show the voice of the reasonable people the people that know that Obama is not Hitler that Republicans aren't crazy well maybe a little. Overall the rally drew huge response and was widely successfully.