Thursday, October 28, 2010

Protest in France

Today in France they pass a bill that will raise the retirement age 62 which when first proposed cause massive protest around France shutting down airports,causing fuel shoratges and clashes with police. My view in this is that there american cousins have a retirement age of 65 and nobody complains about that, why arent i and my peers going to D.C. and telling Obama to lower the retirement age. Why a country of so many resources not have a perfect system in the area of heathcare. Well Obama did sign into law a healthcare reform that will take place in 2014 but in my view it aint enough.

Obama on Daily Show

With Democrats more than likely gonna to lose some senate seats and house seats. Barack Obama recently made a guest appearence on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Who i might ask was name the most influectial person in america higher than obama himself. Obama appearence on the show was to explain his past two years on office and if he regrets any actions he had passed. Our President say that its hard and he staplizes our economy, pass new healthcare refrom. In my view he was right he didnt start the recession he inherited by our previous President who i might ask everybodys knows.

Who will win on Nov 2

With Barack Odama's dramatic winning election. He became the change that we the people were waiting for however the change he was talking about has not happen. Yes we can blame him for saying lies but its not his fault. He inherited a already dead economy, huge debt and a fighting congress. So 2 years later his political party will pay for his efforts in not helping the economy recovery. Currently the democrats hold majority in both the house and senate. On Nov 2 the democrats will lose the house majority but might keep a majority in the senate.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Review

My Review Blog comes with the rescue of the san jose mine in Chile. The person who review this blog say that the rescue move the person to tears. The person mention that the rescue was only almost 2 and a half that there copper and gold mine collapse trapping the 33 miners. Today all are safe and sound and i thought in chile they all pull together to save those people why cant we do that to save our bleeding economy are americans too stupid no we put self interest before values and that must be change.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Drop Out Factory

There was a recent report on Fox news about my high school Roosevelt, being a drop out factory.
My first reaction was thats not true Roosevelt holds some very smart kids. Yes my high school does have  high drop out but that number is inflated because those students who "drop out" dont really drop out they simply go to a other school and finish. Today Roosevelt is a working process yes it take time but students will prove its critics wrong that Were Not a Drop Out Factory.